The most important day in your life deserves a place such as this.

St Stephens on The Hill

The most important event of your life

       deserves a place such as this.

St Stephens on The Hill

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"A Magical Place"

     St Stephens on The Hill is located just minutes from the beautiful Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois.  
     The wedding venue is nestled on a 100 acre private estate.  Built and designed in an “Old World” style, it includes a private residence for bridal party preparation and an open air chapel with a reception area just steps away.
     St Stephens can easily accommodate up to 320 guests but can expand to 350 . Your guests are not limited to just the chapel or reception area, they can enjoy the wild flowers, water lilies, irises and beautiful landscaping that will make the perfect backdrop for your pictures and videos. 
     It’s a memorable setting that you and your guests will never forget.
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